Wednesday, July 1, 2009



I will presenting and remembering you again about some football players who have a scion blood from our country Indonesia. And now they've played in the other country likes Netherlands, Italy, and so on. They still in the junior level right now. But may be they could be the auxiliary angel for Indonesian football.

Donovan Partosubroto, he is a football player and he is the goal keeper for Ajax junior team.It was very great when he he been attention by the Ajax Talented Hunting Team since he was 8 years old. Now he is 18 years old. His father was Indonesian and had been married with Netherlands woman. Donovan has a twin young brother Vincent. And he was football player too.
Now Vincent played for FC Hoofdorp.

Irfan Bachdim, of course his name already popular in our ears. Yeah, when our national u-23 team was trained in Netherlands preparing for the Asian games, he was joined in it for a while and training together. But he got an injury this player cannot join in team. Lastly he doesn't want play again for Indonesia although he was very interesting in the begin. he is in the forward position. he was born at 1988. his height is 178 cm its ideal right?? and now he played in Utrecht FC netherlands.

Radja Nainggolan.This player now played in Piacensa, serie B Italia.He wasborn at Mei 4 1988. His father was Indonesian and his mother was come from Belgia.So far, until now he still a Belgian.but we must sure that he interested to be an Indonesian and left his Belgian.Indonesian law was forbidden its people to have more than one citizenship.Radja Nainggolan is a middle forward. His height is about 175 cm and he has a good skill and another ability that has made Piacenza become interested with him. Exactly, there are a lot of football players that his moter or his father as an Indonesian such as Philip Adam Cave, junior player in Newcastle United that his mom was Indonesian. Philip Adam Cave is defender. beside that there are another players who played in another country in the world like in english,Spain,Netherland who already become professional or still in Junior level. Most of them are alrady have a popular name for example Donovan Partosubroto 17 years old and become the goal keeper Ajax junior. the other players are Raphael Tuankotta (21, Volendam junior), Justin Tahaparry (21, FC Eindhoven), Estefan Pattinasarani (17, AZ Alkmaar), Marvin Wagimin (17, VVV Venlo), Tobias Waisapy (18, Feyenoord junior), Raymon Sosroredjo (17, Vitesse junior).

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